• AP Biology Summer Assignment
    You will need to open the files and complete the summer assignments.  You need to set up your textbook account ASAP, has to be done by 6/10! The student information sheet must be turned in by Wednesday June 21st.  The Plant and Chemistry packets are due on the first day of class.  Any problems with the assignments please email me.
    Summer / class information  (if you missed the 6/5 meeting this is what we went over!)
    Student information sheet  Due Wednesday 6/21/17
    Online textbook setup - Open this file and set up your online textbook account.  This should be done at 6/7 meeting or by 6/10/17.
    Plant and Chemistry Questions Due the 1st day of school. - You can either type on the page or print out and write answers.  
    Chemistry notes packet - Use this copy of the notes from our textbooks review book to help you with the chemistry questions.
     Plant unit notes packet - Use these to help you with the plant questions.
    Plant Unit and Chemistry Review - Due 1st day of school - Contact me if you have any problems opening these assignments.
    Under Biology notes are copies of the power point presentations for the plant and chemistry units as an additional resource to help you complete this assignment. 
    *** Extra credit is given to students that print out the last page of course expectations and bring in signed the first day of school!!!  ***
    All of this is graded and will be part of your 1st marking period AP grade.