• 1) What does the word April mean? 

    A) Spring

    B) Open

    c) Flowers

    D) Fresh

    2) What is the birthstone for April?

    3) What is the name of the day celebrated in APril to keep people aware of environmental problems? When was it first celebrated internationally? 

    4) What is the first day of Spring called?

    5) Where is the Easter Lily captial of the world?

    6) What is an April fool called in France? How did this name come about?

    7) According to George Latimer Apperson's dictionary of Proverbs we can trace the phrase "April flowers bring May showers" to what original saying? What year is this saying linked to?

    8) Each month has a flower as a symbol. Does April have 1 or 2? What is the name(s)? 

    9)Which fictional character celebrates their birthday on April 17th?

    a) Mickey Mouse

    b) Spongebob

    c) Daffy Duck

    d) Daisy Duck

    10) Which classic board game is honored on APril 13th? 

    a) Monopoly

    b) Sorry

    c) Scrabble

    c) Chess

Last Modified on April 11, 2018