• We have some fun and challenging experiences waiting for you on our rock wall!  We try to participate in rock wall climbing in the fall as part of our four way rotation of the rock wall, football, soccer, and Frisbee golf.  We have the opportunity for students to climb our rock wall and be on a team that supports the climber as they climb.  It is a fun experience for everyone involved and there is a lot of trust, leadership, and team work required to ensure this activity is a success.  If you enjoyed your experience on the rock wall, here are two places that provide an experience in climbing or "zip line" activities.  One is in North Tonawanda and the other is in Ellicottville.  For the link in Ellicottville, click on "get rates" then "bring a group", then click on SKY HIGH then follow along with the link.  To get more information on these sites, click on the links below.  Enjoy!
Last Modified on August 9, 2018