Welcome To Miss Texido’s and Mr. Arida’s

    7thGrade Science

    Class 2012/13

    Team 5

    Room #221


    Course DescriptionThis course is designed to familiarize the average 7thgrade middle school student with the fundamental ideas and concepts associated with the Physical Environment and the Living Environment.The physical environment will concentrate on chemistry and astronomy and the living environment will concentrate on biology, botany, taxonomy and microbiology in accordance with the NYS Learning Standards.

    This science course consists of 20 weeks of physical science with a mid-term exam in January. The remaining 20 weeks will cover life science with a final exam in June covering only life science. The final science grade will be determined by adding all 4-quarter grades to the average of the mid-term exam and the final exam and then dividing by 5.

    The nature of this course allows for many age appropriate hands-on laboratory activities that reinforce the concepts studied and skills practiced.

    Grades are based on a total points system with approximate percentages of:

    • 20% homework including notebook checks
    • 50% Tests and Quizzes directly from review
    • 15% Lab activities and graphs
    • 15% current event reading and writing in science and participation


    Supply list:

              ·One 2 inch binder

    ·$5.00 lab fee for special edible labs

    ·Pens, pencils


    Team 5

    Please check planners daily and visit Team 5’s web site for daily assignments.

    7thGrade Science Student Contract


                   I have read the classroom rules and understand my responsibilities in the science classroom. I am encouraged to contact the teacher at any time for any additional help I may need to be successful in science.

               I will be given homework on the average of 4 nights a week. It is always a practice or review of the lesson learned in class. My binder will be needed to complete most assignments. The assignments are short practices typically 10 minutes or less in length. There should be no reason for missing homework. I may also do science work in my silent encore class 7th period. Hamburg planners are to be used to record all my homework and upcoming quizzes and tests. I will utilize the homework connection line when I did not write down the homework. There is no reason not to have my homework.

               Late or missing homework will result in a grade of zero recorded in the grade book. I am aware that a zero can substantially lower my grade. I am also aware that Miss Texido will phone my parents if I miss more than two assignments.

               Progress reports are available on parent portal every 5 week, 15 week, 25 week, and 35 week mark. Miss Texido’s progress reports are very detailed. They show every grade on tests, homework, participation and labs in the science classroom. You may access your grades at any time through parent portal and view any missing assignments.

                   I will practice good listening, organizational, study and note-taking skills so that I may maximize my learning potential. Miss Texido will provide me with these learning opportunities so that I will have a successful school year.


    A note to Parents/Guardians

                   Parents please check planners and binders periodically. You can keep updated on your child’s progress through parent portal. Be sure to check team 5’s web site for information regarding Team events and homework. Let’s keep the lines of communication open. Please do not hesitate to email me if question should arise. 


    Please return to Miss Texido by: Monday Sept. 10th, 2012


     I have read the following student contract and will keep it as the 1stpage in my binder for future reference.


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    Student signature: __________________________________________ Date: _________


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