Why should you do an internship during your high school experience?
    Internships have so many advantages.  They provide excellent work experience for your resume, you will gain essential college and workplace skills, you will have the golden opportunity to find out if you really enjoy the career before you study it in college, you may network with internship mentors for future employment opportunities, at the same time, you will be earning high school Business credit. 
    Who can participate in the internship program?
    Internships are open to Juniors and Seniors. 
    What hours do I have to intern?
    Internships can be during school, after-school, weekends, and/or summers.  If your internship is scheduled during school, you will have access to come late/leave early to accommodate your hours. 
    How many high school credits can I earn?
    For 54 internship hours you will earn 1/2 unit credit and for 108 hours you will earn a full credit.  This credit can be used to satisfy your Business/Technology graduation requirement. 
    Do I need my own transportation?
    Yes.  If you are placed outside of the school, you will need to provide your own transportation to and from your internship.
    What type of placements are available?
    Many students set up their own internship placements.  If you know someone in a particular field of interest and they are willing to have you as an intern, perfect.  Just see Mrs. Lawrence and we will get you started.  If you are interested in a particular career and do not know anyone that works in the field, Mrs. Lawrence will help you find a placement in the community. 
    Are internships paid or unpaid?
    Most internships are unpaid.  On occasion, internships can be paid opportunities. 
    How will I know what to expect when I start my internship?
    Before placements begin, internship students will complete a few weeks of classroom training.  The training will be during your scheduled internship periods and will cover topics such as goal setting, resume building, workplace expectations, safety, business attire, and other essential topics.  During this time, you will have a meeting with your internship mentor as well as Mrs. Lawrence to confirm placements and expectations. 
    What determines my internship grade?
    All interns are required to keep an internship binder.  The binder will include all classroom training materials and contracts.  You will also be responsible for keeping daily time-logs and journals, writing a final internship essay and completed a project during your internship experience.  Internship binders will be reviewed for a grade mid-semester and will received a final grade at the end of your experience.   
    Once I begin my internship, what if I have a question regarding my internship? 
    Please refer to the contact information page of this web-site.  Mrs. Lawrence is readily available anytime of the day to see.  She will also visit your site mid-experience to touch base with you and your mentor on how the experience is going.