Reading Intervention Inspirations!
    Here is a list of great websites that focus on reading interventions.  These interventions are quick and easy to use. They can be used at home or in school!
    ** A great "If,then" RTI reading intervention menu. Click on the link above and download it for free!  
    * Tons of make and teach reading interventions for grades K-5! Reading interventions are divided by reading components (phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension). Very easy to use and includes detailed lesson plans and objectives for each intervention.  
    *This website has tons of resources and interventions! Skills include alphabet and sounds, words and vocabulary, writing and letter formation, reading, and spelling. 
    *This resource has lexile leveled comprehension passages and question sets.  Passages and questions are aligned to Common Core Learning Standards. 
     character roll and read
    *Free printables, Ebooks and lessons for literacy instruction. Lessons are all aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards. 
    Letter Recognition 
    Letter Sounds 
    Phonemic Awareness

    ** Weekly Fluency Tracking Sheet
     ** More fluency activities and words correct per minute graphs.
Last Modified on January 5, 2017