Daily Assignment for: Week of 12/17/18 
    Fitness for Kids December Challenge: Keeping Active!
      Monday - 
     1. Words Their Way:  No WTW this Week!  
     2. Math:  
     3. Reading: Read for 15-20 minutes 
     4. Tests in Manilla Envelope need to be signed and returned by Friday.
     Tuesday -  
    1.  Words Their Way
    2. Math: Homework and Remembering 3-5
    3. Reading: Read for 15-20 minutes. For every 30 minutes of reading on RAZkids that students take a test on, students will receive a ticket. Every book read on RAZkids can also be counted on the Reading Log!
      Wednesday - 
    1.  Words Their Way:  
    2. Math: Remembering sides only for 3-6 and 3-7
    3. Reading: Read for 15-20 minutes. 
     1. Words Their Way: 
     2. Math: 
    3. Reading:Read for 15-20 minutes.
     Friday - Pajama/Movie Day!  Have a Wonderful Holiday Break!
     1.  Words Their Way
    2. Math:  Go on aaamath.com and practice addition and subtraction facts
    3. Reading: Keep Reading!!! 
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