I suggest students bring in water bottles (water ONLY) each day.  They must have a pop up cap, none with a screw off cap please - reduces spills - and just an FYI about those metal ones..they sweat all over the students' desks and wake up the entire 3rd floor when knocked off a desk. Water bottles should go home every Friday to be washed. 


    Healthy snacks are suggested every day as well. We don't have a specific "snack time" its more of an "eat when you're hungry" policy. PLEASE nothing gooey, extremely, crunchy, or messy. Some suggestions are cut up fruit or veggies, yogurt, whole wheat pretzels, or protein bar. If the snack isn't healthy, I will ask the student to return it to their back pack to be saved for lunch.

    The district and the state are encouraging healthy eating habits which I fully support, and I am also trying to get kids in the habit of reading labels to become educated consumers.


    bday BIRTHDAYS

    We do celebrate birthdays. I'd appreciate a heads-up if you'd like to bring in a simple treat so I can adjust our schedule and give your child the time needed to celebrate. We have 21 students (please don't forget me - I love chocolate!).  Please bring snacks that are already in individual serving sizes with napkins and plastic spoons/forks if needed.  

    *Please be considerate of students with peanut/tree nut allergies that are part of our class.  



    We try our best to schedule some outside recess during the week.  On a "double special" or "gym" day, there most likely will not be outside recess.  

    sn Students must have sneakers for the playground. They are welcome to leave a spare pair of sneakers in the room. 

    wim In the winter, they must have boots to go out for recess, and I strongly suggest snow pants. Extra boots and snow pants can be left in the room as well. We rarely get time in our schedule to go out, so spur-of-the-moment recess does happen!  Kids get very upset if they don't have the necessary clothing to go outside.





Last Modified on August 25, 2017