Note: Not all scholarships are exclusive for seniors - some are open to underclassmen and current college students. Notices for these types of awards, as well as military and college specific scholarships,  are listed at the bottom of this page.     
    SENIORS: As you start your final year at Hamburg High School, the Counseling Center would like to outline our Scholarship Bulletin and the procedure for submitting applications. The bulletin (below) will be ongoing and updated as new scholarship information is received.
    Printed applications are usually available in the Counseling Center unless an on-line application is required. The scholarship information we receive is just a small fraction of what is available out there. With the rising costs of tuition, you will want to explore every source of financial assistance. If you work, check with your employer. Most fast food restaurants and grocery stores offer scholarships to their employees. Also, check with any unions, fraternal organizations, civic or church groups that your family may belong to.
    NOTE: Check the individual school(s) website when you are applying to college. They offer a variety of scholarships which may be based on academic achievement, need, community involvement, leadership, etc.
    When you have completed an application that needs an official transcript, bring it to the Counseling Center at least 5 school days before it needs to be mailed. You will then fill out a
    Transcript Request Form complete with address and turn it in with your application. If you need a counselor, teacher, or coach recommendation, please give them two weeks notice ( and supply them with a stamped addressed envelope to mail it in if required).
    Keep in mind that we are closed during Thanksgiving, Winter Recess, Mid-Winter and Spring Recess breaks as well as other holidays that you are not in school. Also, snow days, illness, etc. can delay processing.
    Don't wait until the last minute to turn in your applications and transcript requests

    The following websites are great sources of information, offering not only scholarship search websites, but also a wealth of financial aid information for students and parents, college research databases, online FAFSA guides, details on Federal and private school loans and grants. 




    2017-2018 Scholarship Listings


    Information and applications for all of the following scholarships are available in the Counseling Center unless otherwise stated.




     This $1000 scholarship is available to future college students who play or have played sports at the high school level.  This years high school seniors are eligible to apply if they will be attending college next year.  For more information and to apply please go to our website at www.athleticsscholarships.net/scholarship-contest.htm

    Deadline:  June 1st, 2018


     Each year the Zonta Club awards a $500 scholarship to a local student.  Although there is no one factor which determines who will win the award, some of the criteria they consider are scholastic achievement, leadership skills and financial need.   Applications are available in the Counseling Center and MUST be returned to the Counseling Center by April 27th, 2018.


    BigSun Scholarship

     The BigSun Organization is proud to be able to continue to help young athletes succeed in their academic pursuits.  We are offering a $500 scholarhsip to a deserving student athlete, regardless of which sport they participate in.  For more information and to apply please go to http://www.bigsunathletics.com

    Deadline:  June 19, 2018 


    Friends of Mark Colmerauer Scholarship

      This scholarship competition is open to all graduating seniors of Hamburg High School who are accepted to a post-secondary institution.  Candidates will be chosen primarily based on a short essay describing why they love living in Western New York.  For more information and to pick up an application, please stop by the Counseling Center.


    Hamburg Central PTSA Scholarship Application

    Hamburg PTSA will award TWO, $500 scholarships to Hamburg High School seniors who plan to attend an institute of higher education.  The recipient will be selected on student involvement both in and outside of school.  Emphasis will be placed on level of volunteer activities and involvement in advocacy.  All intended majors are eligible for this scholarship.  In order to be eligible for this scholarship the student must be a member of the Hamburg Central PTSA.  PTSA Membership applications can be attached to the scholarship application. 

    Deadline:  April 13th, 2018.  Return Completed Applications to the Counseling Center.


    Hamburg PTSA Lifetouch Scholarship Application

    Hamburg PTSA will award TWO, $500 scholarships to Hamburg High School seniors who plan to pursue a degree in the Arts, Media, Performance, Digital Programming or Education. In order to be eligible for this scholarship the student must be a member of the Hamburg Central PTSA.  PTSA Membership applications can be attached to the scholarship application. 

    Deadline:  April 13th, 2018.  Return Completed Applications to the Counseling Center. 

    Peter P. Tycz II Memorial Scholarship

     The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 77 is proud to sponsor the Peter P. Tycz II Memorial Scholarship.  Sergeant First Class Tycz was a US Army Green Beret who died in the line of duty in Afghanistan in 2002.  This scholarship is designed for a graduating Senior who resides in Erie or Niagara County, has a relative who is/was a veteran (Reservists who have completed 180 continuous days of service are considered veterans.), shows a unique blend of academic achievement and community service and anticipates enrollment in an accredited program of higher education beginning in the Fall of 2018.  Applications available in the Counseling Center.

    Deadline:  May 1, 2018

    Jason Lee Pickel Memorial Scholarship 

    This scholarship was established by the Pickel Family in loving memory of their son and brother, Jason, based on his kindness, sense of humor and ecncouragement to all.  This award will be given to a HHS senior who demonstrates, leadership, unselfish kindness to members of the school and community, service to the community and be accepted at a post-secondary institution.  

    Deadline:  April 30, 2018

    Town of Hamburg Lions Club

    The Town of Hamburg Lions Club is again offering their scholarship to high school seniors who plan to attend a post-secondary institution.  Along with the short application, a brief statement is required explaining why you feel you need this scholarship and what you feel are your most outstanding qualifications for this scholarship.  Completed application must be returned to the Counseling Center by April 13, 2018.


    The American Legion (Erie County Committee) Scholarship

    This scholarship competition is open to all graduating seniors who will be furthering their education past high school by attending a 2 or 4 year college or trade school.  There will be atleast 3 $500 scholarships awarded.  

    Deadline:  May 4, 2018

    The American Legion Family Scholarship

    This scholarship is intended to Assist 8th District New York State Veterans, their families, and patriotic students who share the ideals of the American Legion.  The scholarship will be awarded based on veteran status (including family members), financial need, scholastic ability, realistic goals, extra-curricular activities and community involvement.  All students must show proof that they have been accepted at an accredited college or university prior to receiving the scholarship.  Two $1500 scholarships will be awarded.

    Deadline:  May 4, 2018

     Amherst Garden Club

    The Amherst Garden Club is offering a $1500 scholarship to a student pursuing a two or four year degree at an accredited college/trade or technical school majoring in: Conservation, Forestry, Horticulture, Environmental Studies, Floriculture, Land Mangement, Landscape Design, Urban Planning or other related fields.  

    Deadline: May 1, 2018


    The Southwestern Association of Volunteer Firemen of the State of New York and its Ladies' Auxiliary are pleased to announce its community service based scholarship program for 2018.  The program is open to all high school seniors who will graduate in 2018, and will be enrolling for full time study at an accredited institution of post-secondary study in the Fall of 2018.  Applicants must be either a member, junior member, ladies auxiliary member or Fire Explorer of a SWAVF member fire department or be the child or grandchild of an active member, ladies auxiliary member or exempt member of the SWAVF or SWAVF Ladies' Auxiliary.  There wil be one $600 award and three $150 awards.  Pick up an application in the Counseling Center.

    Deadline:  April 15th, 2018  


    The Erie County Fair and the Erie County Agricultural Society is again offering their scholarships to any Western New York High School senior or college student through their junior year who have participated in the Erie County Fair activities. Participation includes but is Not limited to exhibiting in any department, marching band, employee, concessionaire, etc.  The scholarship recipients will be awarded up to $2,000. 

    Deadline:  April 13, 2018


    Again this year the Engineering Society of Buffalo will be awarding three scholarships totalling $2400 each ($300 per semester for four years) to graduating seniors who will be enrolling in an Engineering program at either State University at Buffalo or Buffalo State College.  Recipients must be accepted for enrollment for the Fall of 2018.  The awardee is selected on the basis of scholastic record, financial need, personality, extracurricular activities and potential leadership qualities.  Applications must be returned to the ESB Office on or before June lst.



    This $1000 scholarship is awarded to a 2018 graduate from an Erie County High School who has been accepted at a local two or four year college or university, to pursue a degree in hospitlity or tourisim.  There is not an application form to fill out, but pick up the information sheet in the Counseling Center, as there are very specific instructions you must follow.  

    Deadline:  April 13, 2018


    Once again the Hamburg Sunrise Rotary Club is offering their annual $700 scholarship opportunity to a Hamburg High School senior who will continue their post secondary education.  The selection process will be based upon personal circumstances, academic achievement/improvement (top 1/2 of their class), demonstrated community contribution and service.  Applications must be returned to the Counseling Center by April 13th.


    Hamburg High School Wall of Fame

    The HHS Wall of Fame Committee will be awarding two graduating Hamburg High School Seniors each with a $1,000 scholarship to be used towards the cost of tuition, books or other expenses associated with attending a two or four year degree program. To be considered, applicants must have a GPA of 85% or higher.

     Completed applications must be returned to the Counsel Center by April 13, 2018


    Town of Hamburg Police Benevolent Association 

    This scholarship competition is open to graduating High School Seniors from both Hamburg High School and Frontier High School who will be enrolled in a post secondary program as a full time student for the Fall 2018 semester.  Student must deomonstrate ability, determination and discipline to succeed in college.  Along with the completed application, 2 letters of recommendation from faculty members and a transcript are required.  Applications are due to the Counseling Center by April 20th.

    Boston Lions Club

    The Boston Lions Club will be awarding one $500 scholarship to a graduating Senior who is a resident of the Town of Boston and will be attending college in the Fall of 2018.  You must submit the following:

     Transcript                                                                                                                     Name of College Attending in Fall 2018                                                                                   One page letter describing community service at school or in the Community during the last 4   years                                                                                                                             One reference from a teacher or community service director

    Deadline:  May 30th, 2018