• Español  7                                 Nombre__________________________

    Unidad 2                                    La fecha es el _____ de _____________




    What should the student be able to do
    with the Unit 2 Vocabulary?

            >1>Talk about classes, people, places and supplies in school

    >2> Tell the time

             >3> Use –ar verbs in sentences

            >4> Mention the frequency of doing activities

            >5> Tell where things/people are and how people feel    


    Unit  2 Topics

    (16 Vocabulary Sheets):   

    Vocab #20                         Subject Names in School

    Vocab #21                         Telling the Time Conversations
    Vocab #22                         -ar Verb Conjugations/Forms

    Vocab #23                                 Frequency
    Vocab #24                         People/Places in School
    Vocab # 25                        School Supplies
    Vocab # 26                        Prepositions (for showing locations)
    Vocab #27                         Feelings


    SKILLS - in any language are:
    *1*  Listen and understand,
    *2*  Speak to communicate (Pronunciation),
    *3*  Read
    *4*  Write

    Students will be taught and tested in all 4 skill areas in Spanish.






    El Examen (100 puntos)  de la Unidad Uno  es el _____ de ________


    >>The Test (100 points) date is:___________________<<

    Student Support for Unidad Uno

    (Study method suggestions)  

    **Use your vocabulary sheet(s)**


    1)   Listening


    1. Go to Study Links on the Web Page

    2. Use the audio of “Google Translate” -or- Try SchoolTube or YouTube

    3. **Let's try the AUDACITY program!**



    2)   Speaking


    **Find a device to use for recording yourself**

    1.  Want to sing?

    Make up a jingle of your favorite/least favorite subjects…

    Another one for Time and/or –ar activities

    2. Leave a message telling about your “new” school!

            And…where things are located.

    3. Give a health report for yourself or others. 

    4. :)   It could be fun to teach another person to say things in Spanish!    :)



    3) Reading / Pronunciation


    1. Go to Study Links on the Web Page.

    2. See if you are able to read a paragraph corrected by your teacher.

    3. Make Flashcards so that you can make them rhyme, or put them into a sentence, or even to play games (Tic Tac Toe)!

    4. Get out completed homework sheets and practice the questions aloud/read your answers aloud (best to practice complete sentences).


    4) Writing

    1. Make Flashcards that can be used to study...
                Match the Spanish with the English translation/picture.
                Play Tic Tac Toe/Memory.
                Hang up the labels.    
    2. Create a list of the just the most difficult vocabulary words

                    Write them 3 times each to practice the spelling

                    Write them divided into groups

                     Put them in alphabetic order

    3. Write to a friend telling them all about school and things Americans do and how often…and even where these activities take place.



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