• Interested in signing out a laptop cart?
    Once you have reserved your cart, it is your responsibility to pick it up and return it at the end of your reserved time.  Please do not forget to make sure that all of the laptops are plugged in inside the cart and that the whole cart is plugged into the wall.  Lastly, flip the switch on the back of the cart to begin charging the computers.  It is very important that you remember to charge them for the next person that uses them. 
    When you take a cart, you are reserving the entire set of laptops, not just one or two.  We are trying to keep the carts full with the entire set of netbooks.


    Need help with your webpage but feel bad asking for assistance?  You're in luck!  These swell video tutorials that we have created will give you the guidance that you need to be the shining star that we know you can be!  Just click the links that interest you below and let the fun begin.  Make sure to have a pad and pen ready to write stuff down.  Oh, and please don't judge our narrating.... it's tougher than you may think!

                       Exploring New Fonts

         Times New Roman is by far the most boring font available in a word processing document.  If you are looking to add a little excitement to your page by exploring new fonts, the video clip below is the one you want to see!

     How to change the font on your webpage


                  Hit Counters

       Have you seen a stylish hit counter on one of your colleagues' websites?  Are you curious to know how many people occupy their time viewing your webpage?   If you answered yes to either of those questions, the link below is all for you!


                             How to add a hit counter to your webpage 

                    Uploading a Podcast

         You've created the activity.  You've recorded the students.  You've  edited the clip.  Now, it's time to add the podcast to your page for all to hear.  Click the link below to see a tutorial on how to add a podcast page and podcasts to your website. 

      (Remember to get a consent form signed before posting any podcasts- see link below).


                                 How to upload a podcast to your webpage 

                   Adding a Photo Gallery

        Do you have a ton of pictures saved from special events during the year but don't know what to do with them?  Your website is the perfect place to display the pictures for all the parents to see!  Click below to see how to add digital photos to your webpage. 

    (Remember to get a consent form signed before posting any photos- see link below).

                                   How to add a photo gallery to your webpage 

             Adding a File Link

       Show your love for trees by posting links to files rather than printing them out and sending them home!  Your classroom newsletter, flashcards, practice sheets, guest reader schedules, and many, many, more files can be posted to your page in only a few minutes.  Click the link below and watch the quick tutorial video to see how!

    (Remember to get a consent form signed before posting any student names- see link below).

     iPad Resources

     32 Interesting Things to Do With A Digital Picture

    Tips For Using Voicethread! 

     Using Wallwisher in the Classroom

    Why In The World Would I Want a Wiki?

    The Power of YouTube
      Great YouTube Users With Educational Videos and Tips:  
    Teacher Tipster 
    Mr. Harry's - Harry Kindergarten's Channel 
    The Electric Company

    A Flip video cam is an easy to use, hand-held device, that can connect directly to your computer USB port. The software that is associated with the Flip camera allows for quick and easy movie creation!

    UPES has several Flip cameras that you can use upon request. Flip camera tripods are also available, if needed.

    Flip Lesson Ideas- Divided by Grade Level

    Introduction to Flip Cameras- Power Point