•  Physical Fitness Test
    The information provided by the fitness report card is a "snapshot" of your child's overall fitness.   Although your child may be involved is organized sports outside of school, they may score low on some parts of the fitness test.  For example, your son may play football 4 nights a week and still not score well on the flexibility or aerobic endurance tests because football is a power sport. 

    A score of 3 in any area means your child meets grade level standards. 


     PACER Test (Progressive Aerobic Capacity Exercise Run)

    This test is progressive; it is slow in the beginning but gets faster each minute. Students stand on a starting line, on the signal, students run to the other line (66’ away), turn around, and wait for the BEEP.  When it beeps, they run back to the starting line, turn and wait.    Students are encouraged to run as long as they can by pacing themselves to the beep.  Students are allowed to miss the line one time.  The second time they don’t make it to the line before the beep, their test is over.  The teacher counts laps.


    Mile Run, ½ Mile Run, ¼ Mile Run

    All students begin at the starting line.  On the signal, they jog around the designated cones the correct number of times determined by their age/grade.  They are encouraged to jog, not sprint, and to keep a steady speed.


    Flex-Arm Hang Test (muscular strength)

    Students will hold themselves with their chin above the bar, for as long as possible while being timed. A stopwatch is started while the student is in this position and stopped when one of the following occurs: the student’s chin touches the bar, their head tilts backward to keep chin above the bar, or the chin drops below the bar.


    Sit-and-Reach (flexibility)

    When testing the student’s flexibility each student removes their shoes and places both of their feet against a “sit-and-reach box”. The sit-and-reach box has centimeters marked on top. While keeping their knees straight they reach both hands as far as possible.  They repeat this 3 times with the longest reach recorded in centimeters as their score.



    Sit-up Test (muscular endurance)

    Students are given 1 minute to do as many correct sit-ups as possible. The student being tested lies on a mat on their back, with their knees bent and their partner holding their feet.  The tested student places their arms across their shoulders so that their elbows are pointed towards their knees. A correct sit-up is one where the elbows touch the knees and returning to a laying down position with knees still bent.  Only correct sit-ups are counted.


    Body Mass Index (body composition)

    Maintaining appropriate body composition is vital in preventing the onset of obesity. BMI is the relationship between weight and height and is determined with a formula. This test is not used to determine the student’s grade.  It is figured for parent's information only.


Last Modified on December 3, 2014