What should the student be able to do
    with the unit vocabulary?
                >>Use the Spanish alphabet as a tool for recognizing meanings 
                            in Spanish from  verbal and auditory sources as well as written 
                            forms of communication.
                   >>Use Spanish for getting to know another person and to give 
                            personal facts about yourself.

                             >>Use the calendar to provide or obtain information.
                >>Talk about the weather.
                >>Follow and even give Spanish commands for activities in 
                             the classroom at school.
    Preliminary Unit  Topics (13 Vocabulary Sheets):   
    Vocab #1                      Greetings and Farewells
    Vocab #2 + # 3             More Greetings, Name, Health and Simple Conversations
    Vocab #4 + #5           Spanish Alphabet and Numbers, Telephone Number/Age
    Vocab #6, #7 + #8        Calendar: Days, Months, Date, Holidays
    Vocab #9                      Weather and Seasons
    Vocab # 10                   Classroom Commands
    Vocab # 11                    Interrogative Question Words
    Vocab #12 + #13          Address and Nationality
    SKILLS - in any language are:
    *1*  Listen and understand,
    *2*  Speak to communicate (Pronunciation),
    *3*  Read
    *4*  Write
    Students will be taught and tested in all 4 skill areas in Spanish.

    Student Support for Unidad Preliminar
    (Study method suggestions)
    1) Listening =
    **Let's try the AUDACITY program!**
    2) Speaking =
    **Find a device to use for recording yourself**
    1.  Want to sing?
                      Practice the Alphabet ...a la marcha and/or Days of the week 
    2. Leave a verbal message introducing yourself...Use your spoken Spanish.
    3. Give a weather report or tell about the weather of each season.
    4. :)   It could be fun to teach another person how to say things in Spanish!    :)
    3) Reading / Pronunciation=
    1. Get out the Reading Sheets from the Unit and read silently/aloud.
    2. Organize your  Flashcards so that you can make them rhyme, or into a sentence, or your own melody!
    3. Get out completed homework sheets and practice the questions aloud/read your answers aloud (best to practice complete sentences).
    4) Writing =
    **Use your vocabulary sheet(s):
    1. Make Flashcards that can be used to study...
                Match the Spanish with the English translation/picture.
                Play Tic Tac Toe/Memory.
                Hang up the labels.    
    2. Create a list of the just the most difficult vocabulary words
                Write them 3 times each to practice the spelling
                         Write them divided into groups
                 Put them in alphabetic order
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