Charlotte Avenue Elementary School



Dear CAS Families,

Happy New Year!! I hope 2016 brings you and your family many blessings. We have made it through a good portion of the winter without much issue, and hopefully we will continue to skate through this winter right into spring. 

CAS has been a very busy place with students who are working hard and focusing on their goals. We know that your children come home with many new ways to develop their skills and we truly appreciate your support. As you may know our theme this year is, “The difference begins with us…today”. This theme is a continuation of our focus of everyone can make a difference. This year we really wanted to relate making a difference with goal setting. It takes more than just words to make a difference. You have to make the decision to make changes and then create a plan to make your goals a reality. This happens in all aspects of life: school, extra-curricular activities, as well as at home. Your role as families provides the foundation for success. We know that with a community of support your child’s success is limitless. At any point you have a question or a concern regarding your child’s achievement please feel free to contact us. Your partnership is greatly valued and appreciated.

Over the past year the PTSA has held several events. We are looking forward to our upcoming event on January 29th,  BINGO Night at 7:00. Our PTSA events have a great turn out and we hope to see you at an upcoming event. Please look at our web page for all future events.  It is always great to see our CAS community gathering together and having a great time. I would like to personally thank the sponsorship of the PTSA and all of the volunteers who make these events happen. You truly do Make the Difference!

Best Regards,

Mrs. Danielle Lango

Last Modified on January 8, 2016