Dear CAS Families,

It is very important to me that effective communication is established between home and school. I have requested that all staff members place their newsletters online so you can check them at any time. Our calendar is also on our web page so you can see current and upcoming events. If you ever have a question or a concern, please call or email me at 646-3370 or

To ensure that everyone knows our start and end times I have compiled a list of times and days for your reference.

Builder’s Club at 7:50 on Wednesdays

Students can come into the school for breakfast at 8:10

Safety Patrol at 8:10

Band and Orchestra at 8:10 on Tuesdays and Thursdays

School doors open for our K-5 students at 8:30

Kindergarten dismisses at 2:20

Levels 1-5 dismisses at 2:25

Students who have entered the building for breakfast, band, Builder’s Club, Safety Patrol, or for any before school event must report immediately to where they are designated. It is extremely important that all of our students are accounted for throughout the day.

 I have had many reports of how much safer and calmer arrival and dismissal of students has been.  Thank you for your continued support in this endeavor.

Great things are always happening at CAS. Students are being recognized by their peers and the staff on making great choices which supports our theme of: “Together at CAS We Make the Difference!” It is essential to our success to have a supportive environment. These character awards of thanks are posted outside our cafeteria and will remain posted for the year as a reminder of what we expect for each and every one of us. These awards are shaped to represent a puzzle piece to show that each and every one of us is unique but we can work together to be s stronger community. At CAS student know they are expected to strive to be better each and every day. For the month of September we worked on the character trait of diligence and for October we focused on loyalty. Next month we will discuss hospitality. On our morning announcements I give a reminder on what it looks like to show the character trait for the month. Ask your child what each of these traits mean to them. Compliment them when you see it happening. This home to school connection is powerful. 


Best Regards,

Mrs. Danielle Lango

Last Modified on January 16, 2015