Honors Chorus

     Welcome to HMS Honors Chorus

    Congratulations! You have been selected (based on your audition) to be a part of the HMS Honors Chorus!
    We will rehearse on Tuesdays  from 2:30-3:30 and Thursdays from 7:00am -7:35am
    Concerts: Dec. 19, and  June 3.
    In the past the honors chorus has been asked to perform in school, and for many out of school /community functions.
    If you have ideas or suggestions for places for us to sing,
    please let me know.
    **We will have a few fund raisers to help with our field trips this year.
    (ex. chicken BBQ, chocolate sales, etc.)
    Attendance: The Honors Chorus is a performing organization, therefore
    rehearsals are mandatory.  Commitment and responsibility to the group is
    crucial for our success.  Students will be allowed a total of 3 missed
    rehearsals a semester (Absences from school do not count). 
    Students who are involved in a sport may do both, however communication is key. 
    Coaches have will be very understanding about your commitment to honors chorus
    and will allow you to come to their practice at 3:30pm.  (You must contact the coach so
    they are aware that tardiness will happen on Tues.) If students, parents and coaches all
    communicate with each other, students will be able to participate in both music and sports.
    Please provide your game/match schedule to me. You will be excused if your game is in conflict with rehearsal time. 

     Dress: Because Honors Chorus is a performing organization, concert dress is appropriate.

                 Girls: Black knee length skirt, black tights or pantyhose, black shoes, White 
                            blouse/dress shirt

                   Boys:  Black pants, socks and shoes, white button down shirt, tie (any color.)

    ** Please join Remind.com  Text to: 81010   Message: @9g2hbg


    Please read and consider your responsibility for participation and support of this organization.

    Please sign and return to Mrs. Wieder ASAP.

    I look forward to having a great year!

    Please print:

    Student name_________________________________ parent home/cell#_________________

    Parent name________________________________ parent email:_______________________

    Sports/ activities in which I may be involved__________________________________________

    Please give Mrs. Wieder a sport schedule for games.