Science Supplies:

    Binder, size 1-1½" (no trapper keepers with zippers)

    Lab fee (student consumable supplies) $5.00 – all Teams

    Pens/# 2 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

    Box of tissues

      *All other materials will be provided as needed:
    colored pencils, markers, metric ruler, calculator
    *Students will be asked to bring in a piece of fruit during the Plant Unit.
    $5.00 supply fee will be collected in class to be used for science labs/activities:
    Class set of markers
    Lab Folder
    Gum for Scientific Method Lab
    Vinegar, Ammonia for Scientific Method Lab
    Honey, Karo Syrup, Isopropyl Alcohol, Dawn Dish Soap for Density Lab
    Assorted flavors (snacks/candy) for Property Lab
    Pack of m&m's for Graphing Lab
    Halloween Bingo prizes
    Icee Pops and Gummy worms (States of Matter and solids)
    S'mores for Physical & Chemical Changes
    Hot Cocoa for Solution Lab
    Wrapped Candy for Classification Lab
    Gummy Bear for Osmosis Lab
    Onion for Microscope Lab
    Elodea, Leek for Plant Lab
    Seeds for Seed Lab
    Fruit for Fruit Lab
    Seeds for Mother's Day
    Additional items as needed