• Grade 6 Science Expectations

    Mr. Pitillo  Team 2  2018-2019

     Welcome to Grade 6 Science!  I am looking forward to working with all of you this year.



    We will be covering a broad range of topics throughout the school year including:

    Ecology                                The Pond              Energy                  Incubation and Embryology           Water   

    Earthquakes and Volcanoes            Rocketry               Weather                Rocks and Minerals          


    Daily Procedures

    Everyday, there will be a series of instructions written on the front board.  You are expected to come to class on time and get to work.  On the side board, there will be the list of assignments for the week.  You must copy the daily assignments into your planners.  There will always be something for you to write in your planner even if there is no homework.  I will check your planners periodically to make sure you are keeping up.


    Daily Supplies

    Unless you are told otherwise, you must come to class with the following supplies:

    At Least 2 Pencils (#2 ONLY)                         Take Home Folder with Loose Leaf Paper

    Composition Notebook                                     Textbook

    Three Ring Binder                                             Planner




    Regular homework assignments are necessary in order to reinforce the material learned in the classroom.  Assignments should take approximately 20-25 minutes.  If you find yourself spending more than 30 minutes each night on an assignment, you must come and speak with me and we will solve this problem.  I expect homework to be done on your own at home under the supervision of parent or guardian.  Please give all assignments your best effort and make them neat and legible.


    You will be able to check nightly homework assignments at the Team 2 website at www.hamburgschools.org

    During the first quarter, homework assignments are worth 2 points.  Late assignments will be accepted for partial credit up to the end of the quarter.  After the first quarter, homework assignments will be worth 4 points and the 2 lowest grades will be dropped each quarter except the 4th.


    If you are absent from a class, it is YOUR responsibility to make up all missed assignments.  All missed assignments need to be handed in the day after you return to school (unless you have missed a series of days). Assignments and notes can be found on file in the classroom.

     If you know you are going to be absent from a class due to an appointment or music lesson, you must see me or a classmate for the assignment.  You must sign out for a music lesson at least 1 day before the lesson.  Lessons and appointments are not automatic excuses from homework.  The assignments for the week remain posted in the room, so that you can see what you have missed.  Please do not fall behind with your assignments, talk to me if you are having a problem!  It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of missing assignments.




                    Quizzes and tests will be given regularly throughout the year.  These tests focus on vocabulary, skills, and concepts learned through the unit. There will be long-term projects to go along with the unit of study and will be graded according to length of the project.  Quizzes will be worth 5 to 10 points and Tests will be worth 30 points.


    Mid-Term Exam: A mid-term exam will be given in January.  This exam will be based on all of the material covered during the first half of the year. 

    Final Exam:  After the fourth quarter of the school year, there will be a final exam that focuses on the material covered during the 2nd half of the school year.  It is a good idea to keep a well- organized notebook to study for the final.  THE FINAL EXAM and MID-TERM WILL BE AVERAGED WITH YOUR 4 QUARTER GRADES AND WILL COUNT AS 20% OF YOUR OVERALL FINAL GRADE IN THE CLASS!




    Each student is required to keep a current composition notebook.  This notebook will be collected and graded before the end of each quarter and will count as a test grade.  The notebook must be neat, organized, and up to date.  A table of contents will be posted in the room so that students can keep theirs current.



                    Traditional extra-credit is not given in the classroom.  I do offer, however, Alternative Assignments in order to improve a specific quiz grade.  An assignment or project will be assigned and graded as if it were any other assignment.  This assignment is optional.  If the grade of the alternative assignment is higher than a certain quiz or test grade, that quiz or test is dropped and the new grade is counted in determining your average.



                    Quarterly grades will be based on the following categories:


                    Homework 25%                 Tests/Notebook  25%        In-Class Assignments 25%            Quizzes 25%



                    In order to be successful in this classroom YOU must be willing to communicate and work hard.  I am always available to listen to questions or concerns about this class or any other problem you may have.  I expect courtesy and respect from all of US in the classroom.  WE have many things WE need to accomplish this year, but WE are in it together.  Let’s use EACH OTHER to achieve OUR goals and have FUN while doing.  It should be a great year!



                                                                                                                      Mr. J. Pitillo