Hamburg Central School District

Hamburg Central School District E-Alerts

School Web site E-Alerts are broadcast e-mails sent by the school to provide information about emergency closings, special events, and other timely information.
Emergency district E-Alerts are sent to all subscribers. Users can opt to receive E-Alerts via e-mail.
Teachers can also send content E-Alerts to notify the home of classroom Web site updates, tests, homework, or other classroom events. Each E-alert contains information related to a specific Web site page, and is sent to people who subscribe to that particular page. These "Content" Alerts are sent via e-mail.
To receive the e-mails, you must do two things:
  1. register for the website
  2. subscribe to E-alerts.
Recommended subscriptions:
  • Hamburg Central School District Home Page 
  • Home Page for each school where you have a child attending
  • Your child's classroom Home Page
  • Any other pages of interest

Last Modified on September 23, 2016