• Finding the Right Book For Your Child
      Have you ever wondered what guided reading level your books at home are?  Now there is a simple way to check!  All you need to do is type in the book title into the search bar below and click, "Search."  You will be directed to a page which will ask you what leveling system you would like to search.  We use the "Guided Reading" leveling system in our classroom.  After clicking, "Guided Reading," simply scroll down until you find the book you searched.  You can determine the book's level by clicking on the picture of the book. 

    Leveled Book Recommendations
    Now that you have had an opportunity to find some books that are at your child's reading level, please feel free to share some texts that you would recommend to other parents.  Click the link below and type in the title of the book(s) that you would recommend.  
     Book Scavenger Hunt: