Here is another great site to use for ear training practice:
    under exercises, click on sonic comprehension>>scale degree ET (ear training)
       use the setting button to adjust the level, pitch inventory (notes played) and the range 
    Here are some additional examples from the text:
    1. Identify the key (last sharp is ti, last flat is fa) and find do
    2.  Sing all the solfege without rhythm
    3. Sing the rhythm only 
    (use rhythm syllables or a counting system-and keep a steady pulse on your body)
    4. SAY the solfege in rhythm - do this until you don't stop as you move from one note to the next
    5. Sing a tonic triad (Do-mi-so-do-so-mi-do)
    6.  Sing the example silently in your head (keep a steady pulse on your body)
    7.  Sing the example (keep a steady pulse on your body)
    8.  Check your work by playing the sound file and singing along
    II. click on this to practice some simple sight singing melodies.
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Last Modified on December 9, 2016