Union Pleasant Elementary School

Math Lesson Video Clips
"HELP! I have no idea how to help my first grader with their math homework."  
   Hopefully these video clips might help shed some light on some of the strategies that we have been using in the classroom.  If not, please send me a note or email, letting me know which homework item is stumping the family and I can create a quick video to post regarding the topic.  

On the remainder of this page you will be able to find a database of links and videos that your child can explore to practice and reinforce their math skills. All of the videos were found on Youtube and can be accessed by clicking on the file links below.

Skip Counting

The Counting Game - On this page your child can select how they would like to count (ex- 2s, 5s, 10s, etc.). Then, they have to fill in the missing numbers.



What in the world is touch money?!? - This PowerPoint presentation will introduce you to a concept that we use in the classroom to help your child with learning how to count coins.

Coin Memory Game- On this page your child can play a memory game using the fronts and backs of all the coins!

Coin Facts - This link will take you to the U.S. Mint site, where your child can learn interesting facts about past and present coins.

Fill The Piggy Bank - This site will provide your child with a cent amount and coins. They have to drag the correct amount of coins into the piggy bank.

Online Money Worksheets-
This site allows your child to add coins and type in the total amount. They can then click "check" to see if their answers are correct.

Spending Spree - On this page, your child can select a toy to "purchase". After they pick a toy, they have to pick coins that match the price tag.

Ed's Bank - This site has a game where your child can help Ed save money in his bank. After he has saved money, your child can help him
spend it.

Design Your Own Dollar Bill - This is just a fun site where your child can explore creating their own dollar bill.

Dollar Dive- Your child has to shoot bubbles at the coins that have presidential faces on them.

Family Education- This is an extra information page for the adults. It focuses on ways to teach your kids about money.

Money Videos

Adding Strategies
Strategies for Adding 3 Digits
Click the links below to access videos made by the students which show the three different strategies you can use to solve 3 digit addition problems. 
Last Modified on February 24, 2015