Note:  All curriculum is based on NYS Common Core


      Our district is utilizing Math Expressions.  The Units consist of the following:

    Unit 1 Multiplication and Division with 0-5, 9 and 10

    Unit 2  Multiplication and Division with 6-8, and Multiply with Multiples of 10

    Unit 3 Measurement, Time and Graphs

    Unit 4  Multi-Digit Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 5  Write Equations to Solve Word Problems

    Unit 6  Polygons, Perimeter, and Area

    Unit 7  Explore Fractions


    Social Studies

         In 3rd grade the focus is on developing understandings about rural, urban, and suburban communities around the nation and world.  Focus is primarily on the following aspects:  social/cultural, political, economic, geographic and historic, with a special emphasis on the impact of geography on a community.  Level 3 students will gain an understanding of the community and consider communities further removed from their immediate area.  As in previous grades, self-identity, social interaction, and citizenship will be included in the program.  

    Science Units

    *Rocks and Minerals           

    *Butterflies and Moths        *Buoyancy 

    ELA (English Language Arts)

         In language arts our focus is Balanced Literacy.  Its components range from :  Guided Reading (Whole group), Independent Reading(D.E.A.R.),   Writing Process, Word Study, and Shared/Close Reading.  In Reading, we use many different resources. We will use the reading anthology, individual readers, student selected text, and other tradebooks.  Instruction includes Read Aloud, Guided Reading, Whole Group,  Shared Reading with a partner/small group as well as Independent Reading(D.E.A.R.), and assessment preparation. Words Their Way is a word study program being used to focus on phonics, spelling, vocabulary and spelling instruction.


         NYS Common Core Curriculum-Throughout the year, level 3 students will be writing across the curriculum in all subject areas.  We will be focusing on 3 types of writing which include: 
    1) Persuasive/Opinion/Argumentative-opinion pieces with point of view and supporting details  
    2) Informational/Explanatory/Expository-informative pieces that are focused on a topic sharing ideas, facts, details and definitions
    3) Narrative-descriptive writing of real or made up experiences or events  

    Students follow the writing process:  Rehearsal/Prewriting, Drafting, Revising, Editing, Publishing, and Celebrating(Sharing) our writing

    Cursive Writing should be legible and easy to read.  The focus of instruction is on the 5 elements of legible handwriting: size, shape, spacing, slant and smoothness.  


    NYS mandated curriculum is covered by district health teachers:



    Digestive System

    Curriculum for WNY United Program

    Too Good for Violence (K-4) - The Mendez Foundation

    Length - 7 sessions (30 min. each)
    This character education program enhances pro-social behaviors to improve factors related to conflict and violence.

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