• Homework

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              Homework is given in third grade as review and practice of skills and concepts learned in the classroom.  It is also used as a tool to teach responsibility.  Taking work home, completing assignments and returning them to school helps students to be independent and take on new responsibilities.  It should not be an overwhelming task.

              Please talk with your child about good work habits.  Have them set aside a designated time and place for homework to be done.  Routines are so important.   I suggest they work on it right after school while it is fresh on their mind.  Then it is also out of the way to enjoy the rest of the evening.  This makes it less of a struggle later on when they are tired. 

    Your child will keep a home folder.  Please be sure to check this and make sure your child shows you papers that come home.     Students will be filling in an agenda/calendar book that will have nightly assignments written in it.  Students are also expected to read nightly, and can also practice skills on websites (IXL, Razkids, Spelling City and Xtra Math).  They will have a log in sheet with passwords coming home with them.

    Some homework is on a regular basis.  Other work may be sent home occasionally for review.  Papers will indicate if corrections are necessary.  These corrections should be made and returned.  At times to enhance a unit your child may bring home a project to be completed at home. 


               Things you can continue to work on at home are studying math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and reading. Students have a reading log they should fill in each month toward their 25 book goal.


    ***********Read Daily at Home************


              Please take time to read with your child at home.  “The more you read the more you know.”  The goal for each child is to have him/her read 25 books.  As they complete a book (at home or at school) they are to add it to their reading log.  At the end of the month they should turn in their sheet.  This will be charted in the classroom.  Once a child reaches their 25 book goal their name is read over the announcements.  Please remember to talk to your child and ask him/her questions about what they are reading or have read.  Comprehension is key!  Thank you for your support at home.  It is so beneficial to your child.

Last Modified on August 27, 2018