• Rules and Expectations


                Throughout the beginning of the school year routines, expectations and rules are discussed.  Your child is familiar with the “I Care Rules” that our school uses as guidelines for behavior.

    1.      We listen to each other.

    2.      Hands are for helping, not hurting.

    3.      We use “I Care” language.

    4.      We care about other’s feelings.

    5.      We are responsible for what we say and do.

    Cooperating and working together benefits everyone.

                Within the classroom I also use some simple techniques to get the students’ attention.  The “Give Me Five Signal” is when I raise my hand and say “Give Me Five”.  At this time they do the following steps.  This works well in a large group.

    1.      Eyes on teacher

    2.      Sit in chair or stand still

    3.      Ears listening

    4.      Mouths quiet

    5.      Hands are free

    Another way I get their attention is counting backwards from 5.  Then they know it is time to quiet down.

    Union Pleasant Elementary School implemented an "All Star Behavior" Matrix.  This consistent set of rules encompasses 3 common rules:  Be Respectful, Be Ready and Be Safe.  The purpose is to focus on positive behavior.  Students will be nominated for showing exceptional "All Star Behavior".  Once a child is selected, their name goes on a star outside of the classroom.  That child's name will then be put in a drawing to be rewarded with an object or special event.  Phone calls home will be randomly made announcing "Star Behavior".  You may view the behavior chart our school has put in place online at Hamburg Schools Website, then go to Union Pleasant and scroll down to find the Parent Handbook.

    Please refer to the U.P.E.S. Parent Handbook

    There you will see a complete list of the Rights and Responsibilities of all elementary students.  Through showing respect and responsibility we make U.P.E.S. a wonderful place to be!

Last Modified on August 27, 2018