• LEVEL 5 Health Curriculum


    ABDUCTION (Safety):  New York State Mandate (4 days of instruction, 5th day test). 

    • Vocabulary words:  Abduction, Kidnapping, Ransom. Lures, Exploited and Predator.
    • The history and purpose of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
    • The history of the Amber Alert and Megan's Law, and who were these children.
    • What to do if they were ever grabbed, to trust their "gut feelings."

    CHILD ABUSE:  New York State Mandate (4 days of instruction, 5th day test). 

    • Abuse is a cycle and will continue until it stops.
    • How does it stop?  By telling a trusted adult.
    • Reasons why people abuse their child.
    • Sexual, Physical, Verbal and Neglect are reviewed along with Mental and Emotional abuse.
    • Steps to be taken when a child is abused.  Say no, get away, tell and be believed.
    • Reinforced that it is never the child's fault. 

    HIV/AIDS:  New York State Mandate (5 days of instruction, 6th day test).

    • Review of germs, communicable/non-communicable ways germs are spread and hand washing.
    • The immune system and review of each of the cells and their specific jobs.
    • Vocabulary words:  Immune, Deficiency, Acquired and Syndrome.
    • Three (3) stages of HIV/AIDS.
    • Four (4) ways of contracting HIV/AIDS:  1.  Blood to blood.   2.  Dirty drug needles or IV drug use (included in this are tattoos and body piercings.   3.  Mother to child.  4.  Sexual contact.
    • Discussion of the fastest and the most common way of contracting the disease.
    • The meaning of discrimination - that it is against the law to discriminate if there is a disease involved.
    • History of Ryan White

    ALCOHOL (8 days of instruction, 9th day test).

    • Two (2) types of alcohol and examples of each.
    • The involvement of the central nervous system.
    • Reasons why adults and kids drink.
    • Six (6) factors that cause a person to become drunk.
    • How to find out the % of alcohol.
    • Effects of alcohol use on the body in a short term vs. long term.
    • Years of addiction.
    • Vocabulary words.
    • Three (3) stages of alcoholism.
    • Why alcoholism is a family disease and the different types of support groups. 

    GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT:(9 days of instruction, 10th day the test)

    Information Night presenting the curriculum to
    in September at the Pleasant Cafeteria
    Union Pleasant Elementary School
    150 Union Street

    A permission slip, along with the specifics for the

    Information Night is mailed to all Level 5 parents/guardians in the district
    at the beginning of the school year.
    Boys and girls are in separate groups for the instruction. 


Last Modified on February 2, 2017