• LEVEL 1 Health Curriculum


    • Students will enhance their understanding of feelings/emotions.
    • A bathing suit is used to identify the private parts of the body.
    • Students will be able to recognize "ok" and "not ok" touches.
    • Students will recognize secrets that they should keep and secrets that they should tell.
    • Factual information regarding strangers/people they know, friendliness/force in the majority of abuse cases.
    • A book called, A Little Bird Told Me About "My Feelings," is read and discussed.
    • A coloring sheet is given of a boy and a girl in their bathing suits reinforcing that it is our bathing suit that covers our private areas.
    ABDUCTION (Safety):
    • Students will understand the definition of a stranger.
    • Students will comprehend that they can not tell the difference between a good stranger and a bad stranger.
    • Two photos are shown to students and they have to decide which one they would go with if in an emergency, explaining their choice.
    • The book, Don't Talk to Strangers, Pooh!, is discussed.
    • Students will continue to understand that some individuals who are not nice can be tricky (use lures).
    • Students will be involved in role playing and reacting safely to various lures used.
    • Students will learn the safety rules of:  Say no, get away and tell an adult.
    • Students will begin to understand the importance of never going with an adult without the permission of a parent/guardian.
    • The movie, All About Strangers, by the Berenstein Bears is shown and discussed.


    • Students will understand the term germs with specificity to viruses and bacteria.
    • Students will begin to comprehend how germs are spread.
    • Students will recognize how skin acts as a defense to germs.
    • Students will understand how germs enter the body through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and cuts.
    • Students will discuss and understand the importance of hand washing.
    • Information is reinforced through the video, Germs Make Me Sick.


    • Students are asked what is a bully and why they are mean.
    • What to do if the students are ever bullied in and out of school.
    • What is the difference between a bully and a tattle-taler.
    • The book, Lucy and the Bully, is read and discussed.
    • A coloring sheet is given to students that reinforces to be kind and to include, not leave anyone out, when playing.
    • The book, Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns About Bullies, is read and discussed.
    • Students are given a coloring handout that bullying is not cool.


    • February is "Teeth Month," so this unit will be taught at whatever school I am in at that time.
    This curriculum is subject to change.