• KINDERGARTEN Health Curriculum



    • Students will enhance their understanding of feelings/emotions.
    • Students will recognize "ok" and "not ok" touches.
    • A bathing suit is used to identify the private parts of the body.
    • Students will be able to recognize secrets that they should keep secrets that they should tell.
    • Through the use of puppets, a story regarding abuse is demonstrated and discussed to enhance student's understanding. 

    ABDUCTION (Safety):

    • Students will understand the definition of a stranger.
    • Students will begin to comprehend that they can not tell the difference between a good stranger and a bad stranger by looking at them.
    • Students will begin to understand that some individuals who are not nice can be tricky (use lures).
    • Students will be able to define the "buddy system" safety rule.
    • Students will be able to recognize the importance of using the "buddy system."
    • Students will learn the safety rules of:  Say no, get away, and tell and adult.


    • Students will define the term germs.
    • Students will begin to understand how germs are spread.
    • Students discuss how germs enter the body through the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and cuts.
    • Students will understand ways to stop germs from spreading.
    • A demonstration of proper hand washing is conducted for students to view. 


    • Students are made aware of the reasons we have teeth and their purposes.
    • Students learn why it is important to keep our teeth clean.
    • A model tooth is used to go over terms like crown, root, plaque and cavity.
    • The number of times to brush the teeth in a day.
    • How many minutes to brush your teeth, 
    • How many times to a year to visit the dentist.
    • A DVD, Cavity Defenders with Geena the Giraffe, is shown to reinforce what is taught.


    • Gathered in a circle, students are asked, "What is a picky eater?"
    • Why it is important to eat a variety of foods.
    • Asked how many students didn't eat breakfast and why.
    • Importance of breakfast.
    • The book, DW The Picky Eater, is read and discussed.
    • A handout is given with the different food groups that we do together in class.
    • We talk about junk foods and are they "ok" to have once in a while.
    • What can happen if too much junk food is eaten.
    • The book, "TOO Much Junk Food by the Berenstein Bears, is read and discussed.
    • A classroom activity where we cross out the different types of junk food verses healthy choices.
     BULLYING (Kindness): 
    • Students are taught what is a bully and what is a tattle-tale, and the difference between the two.
    • What to do if bullying happens in and out of school.
    • The book, Llama Llama and the Bully Goat, is read and discussed.
    • How important it is to be kind.
    • Ways to show kindness.
    This curriculum is subject to change. 
Last Modified on February 2, 2017