• Lunch Menu and Food Service Information

        View school lunch menus, reduced lunch information, or sign up to prepay for your child's lunch:
    • If possible, please have your child bring his or her lunch for the first two weeks of school.  Lunchtime is hectic and having “buyers” on the first few days can be quite difficult.  I try to lessen the anxiety many children have regarding lunchtime, by introducing cafeteria rules and routines gradually.  Having all “bringers” the first week of school is extremely helpful!

    • Complete lunches cost $2.25.  Children may purchase milk to go with their lunch if they are bringing, at a cost of 50¢.  Additional treats (chips, cookies, ice cream) are available for various prices.  Send your child's money in a change purse or sealed ziplock bag labeled with your child's name.
    • You may also prepay for lunches.  Our schools use MySchoolBucks.com to manage your account.  Many families find this to be a very convenient option for their Kindergartener.  
    • If you choose to prepay, your child will have a declining balance in the school cafeteria to use for complete lunches only.  Your child cannot use this balance to purchase extra snacks or “milk only”.  If there is any remaining balance for your child, it is refunded to your family at the end of the school year.
    • While our cafeteria does allow for parents to come in as lunch visitors, I generally discourage you from doing so until the end of September, and even then, only on a limited basis.  Coming in for a special birthday lunch is a great time to visit in the cafeteria! One of our goals is to help your child to become more independent during their year in kindergarten.  Separating from a parent at the end of lunch can be a difficult transition for many children.
    • Breakfast is available each morning in the cafeteria for a cost of $1.75.
Last Modified on August 23, 2018