December 17,  2018

    Dear Families,     

     Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season and getting ready for winter. Our month will be exploring Holidays Around the World learning about

    traditions and celebrations. We will compare and contrast to discover the similarities and differences between them.                                                                            


    Genre: Non-Fiction/Non-Fiction  

                  Story:  The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever! (Teacher Read)- Fiction 

                             We will finish the book and compare and contrast the movie version.

                                           Skill: Fact and Opinion, Main Idea and Detail

                 Story: Seven Candles for Kwanzaa 

                 Comprehension: Compare/Contrast

              Words Their Way - No New List until after break

    Blue Group - SA5

    Yellow Group - WWP 18

    Pink Group - WWP 15

    Green Group - WWP 12

    Writing: We focus on our December Journal Prompts.

    Vocabulary: Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones

    Math: We continue with Unit two with estimating and measureing in centimeters and inches. 

              We also learn about the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes.

    Grammar: Singular and Plural Noun Rules We learned all 7 rules and will be practicing them in a scoot!

    Science: We continue exploring Solids, Liquids and Gases and their properties. 

    Social Studies: Traditions - Holidays around the World - Germany this week

    Geography of The Day: Using a Map Grid

    Computer Lab: Keying and aaamath timed tests 

     Please check Daily Homework Assignment on website for details. 

    Words Their Way - daily. See Accountability Checklist 

    Math Homework - daily. Homework and Remembering 

    Reading: Read for at least 20 minutes and log on reading log as your child completes each book




    Important Dates to Remember:                                                                                                                    

    New! - Snack Policy - I will supply each child a snack up to 3X/month as a back-up. Please make sure you provide a healthy snack each day for your child. We don't eat lunch until 11:50 and it's hard to concentrate when you're hungry.

    December  1st - Starts Our December Fitness for Kids Challenge: Stay Active! A flyer will go home to give activity ideas indoors and out. We will be stretching as we continue our Yoga poses.

    Wednesday, December 19th - Community Meeting @ 10:00am. 

    Thursday, December 20th @ 11:00am - A Visit to the Giving Garden to celebrate Winter Solstice. Please have students dress warmly.

    Our Classroom Christmas Party on Thursday, December 20th from 2:10-2:50. Wear Christmas Colors!

    Pajama & Movie Day on Friday, December 21st. Wear your favorite pajamas and slippers! Feel free to bring in a stuffed animal too! 

    Winter Break - No school  from Monday, December 24th- Tuesday, January 1st.   Enjoy spending time with family and friends!

    Ways to Give this Holiday Season! - Sharing is Caring!

     UPES PTSA Mitten Tree - Give the gift of warmth this holiday season. Please bring in donations of mittens, gloves,  hats, and scarves on the Mitten Tree in the Union Street foyer by the main office until 12/21.

    Winter Solstice at the Giving Garden @ 11:00am on Thursday, December 20th - Please have students dress warmly! Hats, mittens, and scarves.  

    Don't let the warm weather fool you - Winter is coming!  If you need help purchasing winter clothing for your children, please contact our school counselor, Heather Cantie at 646-3280  extension 4218. 


    Happy Holidays!        

    Sandy Chavanne

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