• Dear Parent(s):
    January is here and it is time for your child’s first report card! I just wanted to help you understand the physical education part of your child’s report card. Each student took a fall fitness test, which is included in his or her report card. In Kindergarten, students are assessed for the first time taking a standardized test that measures there scores based on age specific standards. This score is typically low for the first 20 weeks because of unfamiliarity with the tests. Usually scores increase dramatically during the 40 week marking period. If you are concerned about your child’s scores, use this as an informational tool. It will identify muscle groups that need to be strengthened. For the Kindergarten report card students were also assessed on skills, cooperation, and effort and received the following grades:


    Report Card Grade:


    Distinguished(4) = Consistently achieves beyond the grade level standard

       Ex.) I am a gold medal swimmer. I excel at swimming every time I am in the pool.

    Proficient (3) = Meets the grade level standard (This is the expected level of student             achievement)

      Ex.) I am a swimmer. I am comfortable in the water. I can get from one end of the pool to the other without help.

                Developing (2) = Making progress towards meeting the grade level standard 

      Ex.) I am learning to swim. I need the support of my instructor and peers to be in the pool.

                Beginning (1) = Has not yet met the grade level standard

                  Ex.) I am struggling to be a swimmer. I am uncomfortable in the pool.


    Kindergarten Assessed Skills:


    1. Gallop- student leads with one foot and can continue the pattern of step, together, step together for the length of the basketball court. 0 mistakes are allowed.
    2. Skip- student leads with alternating feet and can continue the pattern of step, hop, step hop for the length of the basketball court. 0 mistakes are allowed.

    (*** Common mistake: student does not know the difference between skip and gallop. ***)

    1. Hop- student decides which foot to hop on while other foot cannot touch the floor for half of the basketball court. 0 mistakes are allowed.
    2. Jump- student runs and jumps off of one foot and must land on two feet over a line on the floor. Student can not crash to the ground
    3. Throw- student must step with opposite foot while throwing a small ball to teacher.
    4. (Ex.) Right hand thrower must step with left foot towards teacher.
      This is the hardest Kindergarten Skill Tested
    1. Catch- student must catch a large ball thrown by the teacher 2 out of 3 times using their hands only.

    (*** Common mistake: Catching the ball against the body. ***)

    1. Bounce- student must bounce a large ball and continue the pattern of bounce, catch, bounce, catch, and bounce, catch. 0 mistakes are allowed.

    (*** Common mistake: bouncing the ball off of the student’s toes. ***)


    Any questions, please feel free to call me.



                                                                                        Mr. Smith

Last Modified on September 20, 2011