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    Copyright is an important and complex issue. The following information includes links and a chart that provide copyright information for the Hamburg Central School District students and staff.  There are penalties for those failing to comply with copyright laws.  It is imperative that Hamburg staff and students understand copyright basics.


    What is Copyright? 


     “Copyright is a collection of rights granted to artists, authors, musicians, and other creators of original works. Copyright laws seek to ensure that creative people benefit from their own creations. The laws protect against the unauthorized copying, distribution, and public performance of creative works. Books, computer programs, designs, motion pictures, musical compositions, paintings, poems, and various other forms of expression are protected by copyright laws. Protected works are considered intellectual property—that is, products of human creativity over which a person or group of people have legal control” (World Book).

    What is fair use?


    There are specific cases when copyrighted material can be used without permission from the author/owner of the material.  This is called fair use.  “The copyright laws of most countries include sections on fair use—that is, the limited reproduction or distribution of copyrighted material that is legal for such purposes as critical commentary, news reporting, study, and research. For example, teachers can generally make a limited number of copies of a copyrighted work for classroom use” (World Book).


    Guidelines for copyright:











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Last Modified on May 23, 2017