• Fourth Grade
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    - demonstrate tall posture and diaphragmatic breathing to
      support the voice
    - shape the five main vowel sounds uniformly and correctly
    - echo short melody patterns
    - sing and identify rounds, call-and-response songs, AB songs, and
    - sing with dynamic contrast
    - sing and recognize songs as "in 2", "in 3" or "in 4"
    - sing and use all diatonic solfege syllables and handsigns
    - sing and recognize major and minor scales in solfege syllables
      with handsigns
    - sing and recognize the interval of an octave
    - prepare and perform a Winter and Spring Concert as a Chorus
      (see "Chorus", at left)
    * see below for a list of songs we are singing this year!
    - echo and count short rhythm patterns of whole note, dotted half note,
      half note, quarter note, paired eighth notes, groups of four sixteenth
      notes, quarter rest, eighth rests) with voice, body and instruments
    - identify the above notes/rests at sight
    - read, count and perform patterns of the above notes/rests with voice,
      body and instruments
    - perform rhythmic examples in varying meters
    - play rhythmic patterns of the above notes/rests on classroom
    - identify band/orchestra instruments at sight and classify into percussion,
      woodwind, brass or string families
    - define orchestra and explain the difference between orchestra and
    - create short rhythm patterns with counts using whole notes, dotted half
      notes, half notes, quarter notes, paired eighth notes, groups of four
      sixteenth notes, quarter rests and paired eighth rests
    - write rhythms of the above notes/rests using various time signatures
    - create short diatonic melody patterns
    - compose diatonic melodies as a class
    - individually improvise a diatonic 'answer' to a diatonic 'question'
    - read and perform rhythms comprised of the above notes/rests
    - perform diatonic melodies from handsigns and off the staff
    - read and respond to dynamic symbols in written music
    - sight read short songs using all diatonic syllables and the above
      listed notes/rests
    - identify the following musical symbols at sight:  staff, line notes,
      space notes, repeat signs, 1st/2nd endings, coda, D.C. al coda,
      D.S. al coda, segno, rehearsal numbers, tacet, fermata, breath
      marks, caesura, staccato, accent
    - identify letter names of all lines and spaces on the treble staff
    - assess own and classmates' vocal technique, singing voice, and
      instrumental playing technique
    - evaluate individual and class-improvised/composed rhythmic and
      melodic patterns for correct use of symbols
    - evaluate class performances for accuracy
    - identify the meter of a song in 2, 3 or 4 aurally and from time signatures
    - begin to synthesize various musical skills to perform concurrently (reading
      and singing, rhythm and melody, singing and playing, etc.)
    - identify orchestra or band from a listening selection by instrumentation
    - identify instruments in a listening selection by timbre
    - define timbre and describe timbres of various instruments
    - analyze and properly diagram form in any listening selection
    - analyze longer listening selections for melody, harmony, rhythm,
      instruments and voices, form and dynamics
    * see below for a list of this year's formal listening selections!
    - folksongs and common children's songs/games/dances of American
      and other world cultures
      (Canadian, American, Irish, English, Russian, Turkish, Italian and
    - music's role in daily life and holidays/special occasions
    - patriotic songs
    Level 4 Listening Selections:
    - Troika (Prokofiev)
    - The Foxhunters (MacNeil)
    - Karsi Bar (Turkish Dance)
    Level 4 Songs and Chants:
    - Rattlin' Bog
    - I Wish
    - Tum Balalaika
    - Ebeneezer Sneezer
    - Old Joe Clark
    - Swapping Song
    - Babylon's Fallin'
    - Canadian Student Song
    - Page's Train
    - Ida Red
    - Lady Come Down and See
    - The Cat Came Back
    - The Old Carrion Crow
    - Goodbye My Riley-O
    - Way Down Yonder in the Brickyard
    - Before Dinner
    - Wade in the Water
    - Oliver Cromwell
    - Mongolian Night Song
    - The Boogie Woogie Ghost
    - The Ghost of John
    - Dry Bones
    - In the Window
    - A Holly Jolly Christmas
    - Dormi, Dormi
    - We Three Kings
    - The Twelve Days of Christmas
    - Macnamara's Band
    - The Star Spangled Banner
    - This is My Country
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