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    In addition to the following musical objectives, students in Level K also work on learning the music room procedures, following all directions (musical and otherwise!), how to be a good listener, and the respectful way to share thoughts in a group.
    All of the objectives below are explored through tons of fun songs and games!
    - use our 4 voices (whisper, speak, call, sing)
    - find our singing voice
    - use our singing voice at the right time and for an entire
    - match pitches (making our singing voice sound like
      everyone else's)
    - use head voice (singing with a light, clear tone)
    - demonstrate tall posture and diaphragmatic breathing to support the singing
    - echo short melody patterns
    - sol, mi (see "Solfege Syllables and Signs" at left)
    * see below for a list of songs we are singing this year!
    - perform a steady beat at varying tempi (speeds) with voice, body, movement
      and instruments
    - echo short rhythm patterns with counts (quarter note, paired eighth notes,
      quarter rest) with voice, body and instruments
    - know the names of various unpitched percussion instruments:
      maraca, egg shaker, jingle bells, guiro, ratchet, cabasa, rhythm
      sticks, woodblock, claves, castanets, cymbals, cowbell, hand
      drum, bongos
    - play the above instruments with appropriate technique
    - accompany a song with a steady beat on the above instruments
    - classify the above instruments into 'families':  shaker, scraper, wood, metal,
    - know the names of instruments at sight (trumpet, trombone, tuba, flute, violin,
      bass, piano, guitar) and whether they play high, low or both
    - invent movements to fit a listening selection
    - choose movements that demonstrate steady beat to accompany a song
    - create a dance as a class (composition of steady beat movements)
    - create short rhythm patterns with counts (quarter note, paired eighth notes,
      quarter rest) for the class to echo
    - create short melodic patterns using sol, mi
    - respond to handsigns for sol, mi
    - create, discuss and respond to extremes of beat/flow, sound/silence,
      loud/soft, fast/slow, high/low, long/short
    - assess own and classmates' vocal technique, singing voice, instrumental
    - respond to changes in listening selections with changes in movement
    - imagine animals or stories to go along with listening selections
    * see below for a list of this year's formal listening selections!
    Transfer of Concepts Taught in Regular Classroom
    - alphabet, colors, numbers, shapes, parts of the body, days of the week,
      right/left, animals, seasons/holidays
    - preliteracy and early literacy reinforcement
    - school rules and procedures
    - respectful discussion, behavior and treatment of materials
    - folksongs and common children's songs/games/dances of American and
      other world cultures
    - music's role in daily life and holidays/special occasions
    - patriotic songs
    - important musical jobs:  conductor, composer
    Level K Listening Selections:
    - Navajo Riding Song (performed by Freddy Wheeler)
    - When I'm Walking (A. Domino, Jr.)
    - Trumpet and Drum from Jeux d'enfants (Georges Bizet)
    - Doot Doot (Williams/Maddox)
    - Star and Starfish (M. Sanchez)
    - The Roller Coaster (M. Sanchez)
    - Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid (Menken/Ashman)
    - Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini)
    - Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks from Pictures at an Exhibition
      (Modest Mussorgsky)
    - The Little Train of the Caipira from Bachianas Brasileiras No. 2
      (Hector Villa-Lobos)
    - Seven Jumps (The Shenanigans)
    - Carnivalito (The Shenanigans)
    Level K Songs and Chants:
    - Hello Song
    - Name Song
    - All About Me
    - Old MacDonald
    - BINGO
    - ABC/The Alphabet Song
    - Clap Your Hands
    - Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
    - The Itsy Bitsy Spider
    - Wake Me, Shake Me
    - Ushkana
    - Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
    - Put your Fingers in the Air
    - These are my Eyes
    - Mr. Wiggly and Mr. Waggly
    - Ha Ha Thisaway
    - Color Song
    - Goin' on a Bear Hunt
    - Down By the Bay
    - Oh, A-Hunting we will Go
    - Punchinella
    - We are going Down the Numbers
    - Counting Song
    - Five Little Monkeys
    - Willoughby Wallaby Woo
    - This is what I can Do
    - Hey Mr. Monday
    - Doin' the Weekly Walk
    - If you're Happy and you Know It
    - This Old Man
    - Hokey Pokey
    - Halloween
    - Five Little Pumpkins
    - What Will You Be on Halloween?
    - Put on a Costume
    - Turkey Went Out for a Walk
    - The Turkey Ran Away
    - Thank You
    - Hanukkah is Here
    - The Dreidel Song
    - Jingle Bells
    - Must Be Santa
    - Jolly Old St. Nicholas
    - Yankee Doodle
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