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    As baseball coaches, we must seek innovative and creative ways to improve our program. The game of baseball is constantly changing and evolving, we must commit to gain more knowledge to better prepare our student athletes that we so passionately develop. Our job is to not only produce good players, but good people as well.


     ~ Baseball Coaches ~

    Steve Chaffee
    Chairman of Baseball Operations
    Derek Hill
    Varsity Head Coach
    Ryan Turner
    Varsity Assistant Coach
    Adam O'Shei
    Varsity Assistant Coach
    Mark Fregelette
    Junior Varsity Head Coach
    Brian Bermingham
    JV Assistant Coach 
    Pat Ricci
    Modified Head Coach 
    Eric Simoncelli
    Associate Coach / Catcher Development
    CEBA Scholastic / Summer Developmental Coaches :
    Jordan Paxson 
    David Edie
    Austin O'Shei