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    Quarter II , Week 9


    (New information is in purple)

    Midterms are here.  Official midterm week is January 22nd through 26th, but there are several days we can't hold midterms that week: Wednesday -due to musical practice in the morning and Friday-a half day. So, some midterms will be held at the middle, to end, of this week. All midterms are held in regular classes.


    The English midterm is Wednesday, the 17th and Thursday, the 18th. (Mrs. Goble, substitute for Mr. Zack, would like to pass along that this is skills based and not a test that can be studied for). Next the math midterm will be given Friday, the 19th and Monday, the 22nd. Monday will also include the Social Studies midterm. Lastly, Tuesday, the 23rd is the date for the Science midterm. For a list of these exams please see below.


    Team 3 would like parents to save some dates. The pancake breakfast fundraiser will be Saturday, April 14th, from 8-10AM.  This is an opportunity for students to fundraise for the Medieval Times fieldtrip, and it is optional. This fieldtrip will be taken on Thursday, May 24th. Also we have a quick reminder: the Frito Lay order forms are due this Friday, January 19th. These go to Mrs. Follett.


    The district volunteer form* may be found on the PTSA website (copy and paste link below).

    *Be sure to use the district form not the PTSA form. The PTSA form is to volunteer for PTSA events.

    Reminder: Student procedure after a class absence

    Speak to all of your teachers and pick up absence work the day you return.  Parents, did you know that you can call the Guidance Office and request missed work after 2 days absence? Emails are sent to the teachers to send work to Guidance. Then it will be available for you or a classmate to pick up at the end of the day from the Guidance Office.  

    Important  Dates

    Jan. 17th-English midterm

    Jen 18th-English midterm (continued)

    Jan. 19th- Math midterm/ Frito Lay fundraising forms due

    Jan. 22nd-Math midterm and Social Studies midterm

    Jan. 23rd-Science Midterm

    Jan. 26th-Half day-10:30 AM dismissal

    Jan. 29th-Writer's Workshop teacher is scheduled to switch and 3rd quarter begins



    Please consider registering for Tops in Education fundraising. Tops markets gives a share of its profits to Hamburg School PSTA. Sign up information can be found on the Hamburg Schools home page, on the left side in the purple column, with the heading "Announcements". You'll need to scroll down a bit. You'll also need your Bonus Card number. 

    Our PSTA also collects Box Tops for Education. There is a collection box at the student service desk. If students don't know where that is have them ask a team 3 teacher. 

    Team 3 Communication 1) email to individual teacher's mailbox 2) call the main office at 646-3250 and leave a message for that teacher 3) send a note in with your child (not necessarily the most reliable method)

    Parent Portal (We encourage you to visit Parent Portal weekly.) Please see the district Parent Portal link for directions.  An alternative to Parent Portal is your child's student portal page. All team 3 students will be shown how to login to STUDENT PORTAL, an offshoot of PARENT PORTAL.  Progress Reports also appear on Parent Portal. A paper copy of your child's Progress Reports and/or Quarterly Report Card can only be obtained by calling the guidance office at 646-3250.

    Volunteers (chaperones) for fieldtrips:

    • Parents need to be trained ONE time and the training may occur at any of our schools
    • The school volunteer form must be completed and BOE approved EVERY year
    • Mr. Crangle and Mrs. Giallella do the HMS Volunteer Training at PTSA meetings
    • The volunteer form and PTSA meeting dates can be found on the website
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