• 8th Grade General Music Course Expectations






     It is my pleasure to welcome your child into my classroom this year!  This general music class gives every student the opportunity to better understand music as an aural art of expression and communication.  This is achieved through various experiences of listening and performing.  We will consider the inter-relationship of music with other subjects, investigate the basic structure of music and its wide range of styles. We will also explore the creative process, and use computer programs to develop music writing skills.

    All students will need a three ring binder and a pen or pencil, which must be brought to class daily.

    Grading is based on student participation (discussion and demonstration,) their notebook (neatness and content,) written assignments and tests.

                Any necessary communication with the parent/guardian will be written in the student planner, progress report, and/or a phone call. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at 646-3250 ext. 5132.


    Mrs. Wieder


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