• Science Extra Credit
    All directions and due dates will be given out in class.
    Test Corrections:  Extra points will be given for written test corrections for those students who score 85% or below on the test.  To do this, students write the question and answer to all wrong test questions out twice. Answers to the test are given in class—
    so all students
    should have the correct answers written on their test.

    For example:

    47. Length is to meter as    a. mass is to gram

    47. Length is to meter as    a. mass is to gram

    Corrections must be handed in within 2 days of receiving test grade to receive the most points.


     1st and 2nd Quarter Extra Credit (October through January)
    Rock Candy—make a batch of rock candy for extra credit! Extra credit will be given during the marking period it is handed in.  If student is unsuccessful in actually forming crystals—students should bring in the bowl of liquid sugar.
    Recipe for Growing Crystals—Rock Candy

    1.  Stir as much sugar as can be dissolved (approx. 2 cups) into 500 ml (1 cup) of hot water.

    2.  Pour the sugar solution into a deep bowl or jar.

    3.  Attach a washer to the end of a piece of string or yarn and tie a pencil to the other end of the string.  Place the string into the bowl /jar so the washer is at the bottom.  To prevent the string from falling in, rest the pencil across the top of the bowl/jar.  

    4.  Place the bowl/jar in an area were it will not be disturbed.  Crystals should start forming around the string in a few days.

    5.  Carefully pour off any solution that is left.  Allow the crystals to dry.
    6.  Bring in a string of rock candy for extra credit.
     2nd Quarter (November-January)
    Periodic Table Song !
    Grab and friend and do a duet!
     3rd Quarter Extra Credit
    Cell Model or Poster--due to allergies, I am not able to offer "cell cakes".  Students are encouraged to make a cell poster or model, including both labeled structures and functions.
    The Egg-- Include digital pictures for even more credit!  Directions will be distributed in class during the cell unit!
    4th Quarter (May-June)
    Make a spore print:  Directions will be distributed in class.
    Join us for the Townwide Clean up.