This guide is designed to help you not just survive this year as a 7th grade science student, but to be successful as well.  It is a guide to help answer general questions about the classroom and grading policies.  The rules are kept flexible so that adjustments may be made when necessary.  I hope we can concentrate on being positive as we interact and work towards being successful.


    Topics:       The course includes Physical Science (classification of matter), Astronomy (earth motion’s), and Life Science (classification of living organisms).  Textbooks will be used in class as a learning resource.


    Rules:                 Be prompt, be prepared, be polite, and be productive.


                       1.  Students are expected to sit in an assigned seat, with the proper materials,
                             promptly at the start of class.

                        2.  Regular attendance is important for being successful.  Students are

                            responsible for obtaining and completing any work missed.

    3.  In order for us to have a productive class period, we have to respect each other’s rights by practicing the
                             rules of everyday
    common courtesy.


    Class Preparation:  Students must bring their science binder and pen or pencil to class each day.  Metric rulers, calculators, colored pencils, and lab materials will be available in the classroom for student use as needed.


    Tests &      All major tests and quizzes will be announced to ensure proper study time.  Short review

    Quizzes:         check ups will not be announced and will be graded as participation points.  Tests occur at the end of 
                        each major topic and count
    towards the quarterly test average.


    Grades:      Quarterly grades are calculated by total points earned from class work, labs,

                       homework, binder checks,and tests (includes chapter tests and quarterly benchmarks).  Any work
                       not completed or not turned in
    will receive a 0 points.  

    Final Average:         Q 1 + Q 2 + Q 3 + Q 4 + Final Exam divided by 5


    Quarterly benchmarks:  will be based on content covered through that point in the curriculum.  Scores will
                      be included in the quarterly average.

    Criteria--Requirements for 8th Grade Advanced Placement (Living Environment)--Form must be returned to Mrs. Dates with parent signature acknowledging parent awareness of course requirements. 


    Dear Parent/Guardian:                                                      Student Name: ___________________________________

    Please sign in the space below indicating that you have read the above expectations; and have your son/daughter return this portion to me.


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    Please feel free to contact me at: mdates@hamburgschools.org if you have any questions or concerns.

                                                                                                   Thank you!    Mrs. Dates