• 8th Grade Regents Biology/Living Environment


    Criteria-Requirements for 8th Grade Advanced Science

    Living Environment/Biology


    Student consideration is based on the following:



    1.  All test scores (including benchmarks) should be at or above 93%.

        (92% or lower test scores do not meet the criteria for consideration)

    2.    Science quarter grades must be at or above 95%.

    3.     Exceptional student work ethic:

    ·        Assignments are completed regularly and on time.

    ·        Student is responsible and dependable.

    ·        Demonstrates consistent academic performance


    4.  Student has respect for and enjoys science.                                   

    Student candidates who exhibit negative and/or disruptive behaviors which disrupt the learning environment will not be considered.

    5.      Student is independent, self-motivated, and has established time

           management skills. 

          Student does not depend on parent/teacher intervention to

           be successful. 


    I have read and understand the selection process for the advanced placement requirements for 8th Grade Living Environment.


    Parent Name: __________________________       Date: ____________


    Parent Signature:________________________


    **This form must be returned to current 7th grade science teacher and

         will be kept on file for placement consideration. 




    Some Thoughts to Consider: 

    • Biology is an honors course and should be offered to students who are in the top 10% of their 7th grade science class.   
    • Above Average ≠  Advanced/Honors.  Advanced students are independent, self-motivated, and establish good time management.  These students do not rely on teacher/parent reminders to do their best! 
    • Biology is vastly different from Physics which is the majority of the General 8th Grade Science curriculum.  Taking Biology on a trial basis, then dropping back to General Science makes for very difficult transition - setting the student behind.