The New York State Assessment will be given in May to students taking 8th grade math.  Algebra students are NOT required to take the NYS Math Assessment.  Math 8 students will start preparing for this starting in March.  It is important that each student study and do their very best.  If a student does not pass the State Assessment, he/she will be assigned an extra remedial math class in the High School in addition to their regular 9th grade math class.


    Part 3 of the New York State Assessment requires the use of scientific calculators.  Please bring your calculator to the test.  Students may not use a calculator on either of Parts 1 or 2 (multiple choice).


    Students will have received review packets in March. 
    The 8th grade teachers have compiled a packet containing numerous pages.  Each student will receive their own packet.  The first page is a homework calendar explaining when each page is assigned and due the next class.  The beginning pages are given to refresh the student’s memory on specific topics and will be assigned along with regular nightly homework.  


    For the week prior to the assessment, we will only be reviewing for the test.  This is when the show your work pages are due.  These problems involve showing work and detailing with explanations.  The entire class period will be devoted to reviewing these problems.