¡AVANCEMOS! is the name of the Spanish textbook.
    At the Middle School students will use 
    the High School, Level I, New York State Syllabus.
    **Upon completion of 8th Grade (in June), students will be given
    the NY State Proficiency Exam as their Final Exam
    When visiting this site...
       Select: World languages: High School, NY State, GO 
       Select:   ¡Avancemos!Area/Type of work + Unidad by number
    When visiting this site...
         Select from the 6 categories
              Student favorites are: Free Online Spanish Games and Spanish for Kids
    Also consider using the Translator, Teacher Resources and Worksheets
    When visiting this site... 
        Click on "Quia Web"
       Under "Shared activities" click on "Spanish"
        Select your textbook (Avancemos Level 1)
          You can even type in a "Keyword" to look for specific topics!
       Scroll down to find fun games to play!
    When visiting this site... 
        In the "find something to study" box, type in the vocabulary topic you want to study.
       Be sure to start with the word "Spanish" :-)
    When visiting this site... 
       1)  In the top bar, click on "My Backpack".
       You should see a drop down list of study topics.
       2) You may use the "search box" to use Flashcard sets created by other people. 
       **Be careful, many languages are entered.**
                 >>Be sure to select a Spanish Vocabulary set.
                 >>>>Below the pop up boxes for sets to choose from...
                          you will find a listing of many possible sets to use.-
    EACH SET ALLOWS YOU TO:                                                                                                                
                   :)                            :)                             :)
    Flip Flashcards ...or... Take Quiz ...or... Review Sheet(USE THE SPACEBAR to flip and USE THE DOWN ARROW to change Flashcards)
    When visiting this site...
       In the "Look Inside" click on A Sample Issue
         Click on the box with "Page 1" to select from pages 1 - 16
         Use the "Zoom" button to make the pages larger and easier to read
                        (use the drag bar for 110% - 400% zoom).


Last Modified on April 25, 2012