Unidad 1

    Quiz Topics




       Quiz #7    *Activities, Where people are from,

    Saying what people like and don’t like to do*


    I.                   LISTENING:  Answer 3 questions in complete Spanish sentences.

    II.                Write the Spanish activity vocab under given pictures = Spelling!

    III.             Translate activity vocab Spanish to English and English to Spanish.

    IV.            Write Spanish sentences about “like / do no like” to eat and drink.

               Use the clarification of each person.

    V.               Answer 2 more questions in complete Spanish sentences.


       Quiz #8    *Definite and Indefinite Articles *


    I.                   Write the Spanish definite article for each vocab word given.

    II.                Write the Spanish indefinite article for each vocab word given.

    III.             Translate definite and indefinite articles vocab into English.



       Quiz #9    *PHYSICAL:  Descriptive adjectives and adjective agreement*


    I.                   Use adjective word bank to describe pictures shown.

    II.                Write Spanish sentences to describe (2 adjectives each) the given pictures. Watch agreement!

    III.             Write the opposite, Spanish adjectives for each given.

    IV.            Answer 2 more questions in complete Spanish sentences.



       Quiz #10     * PERSONALITY:  Adjectives and adjective agreement*


    I.                   LISTENING: Match personality descriptions to pictures given.

    II.                Use the adjective word bank to complete sentences (opposites).

    III.             Sentence completion = Multiple choice: A.   B.   C.

    IV.            Read English personality descriptions, write an equivalent in Spanish.

              No repeats!



       Quiz #11     * Colors*


    I.                   LISTENING: A color will be shown and a color name will be said. 

              When it is a correct match, write “Sí”.  If they do not match, write “No”.

    II.                LISTENING: Answer 3 questions in complete Spanish sentences.

    III.              Write the Spanish color name associated with each picture given. Spelling!

    IV.             Sentence completion = write the Spanish color name. Adjective agreement!

    V.                Answer 1 question in a complete Spanish sentence.




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