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    I am Mme. Thomasson.  Here, you can find out a little about me, both personally and professionally.  I am married to Michael and we have a nine-year old daughter, Anna who was lucky enough to visit France a few years ago!  We also have a dog, a cat and two fish.  We enjoy traveling, watching Sabres' games, reading, and video games!!
    The 2017-18 school year is my 13th year at Hamburg, but I have been teaching for much longer than that!  I have taught students at all levels - kindergarten through adult education, and everything in between!  Before becoming a teacher I worked for Lexmark, Int. in Lexington, KY.  While working there, I was offered the chance to try my hand at teaching at a private school in Frankfort, KY.  I decided I wanted to do more with my life than work on printer manuals; I wanted to do something where I could interact with people and maybe touch the lives of a few people along the way.  Now that I've been a teacher for as long as I have, I wouldn't trade it for any other profession.
    Why French?  I studied French from the time I was in kindergarten.  When I went to college (Niagara University - GO PURPLE EAGLES!!) I didn't really know what I wanted to major in, but I knew I liked French and if I majored in it I would have the opportunity to study in France!!  So I did, and I spent four months in Angers, France, studying at l'Université Catholique de l'Ouest.  If ever you have the chance to study abroad, DO IT!!!!  I still keep in contact with my host family - they have visited me, I have visited them, and my host mom and I have been trying to set up an exchange program between Hamburg and the school where she teaches English in Angers.
    I co-ordinate the Lille exchange at Hamburg High School and have led multiple student tours to both France and Quebec, in addition to travelling with my family.  In addition to France and Quebec, we have visited Mexico, Argentina, Jamaica, and Australia.  I also taught English in Poland for a month.  Travel is a wonderful thing!
    I served as First Vice-President of the WNY Foreign Language Educators' Council for several years, co-chairing our annual Regional Conference which brings together area foreign language teachers for professional development. These days I am the WNYFLEC Recording Secretary.  In 2010 I was the recipient of the WNYFLEC Service Award and in 2013 I received the WNYFLEC Maryalice Seagrave Outstanding Foreign Language Teacher award! :-)  I completed one term as a Regional Representative for the NYS Association of Foreign Language Teachers and currently serve as the Editor of the NYSAFLT News