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    Period 2 French 8 (HMS)
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    Period 9 French 2A (214)
    I am Mme. Thomasson.  Here, you can find out a little about me, both personally and professionally.  I am married to Michael and we have a ten-year old daughter, Anna who was lucky enough to visit France a few years ago!  We also have a dog, a cat and two fish.  We enjoy traveling, watching Sabres' games, reading, and video games!!
    The 2018-19 school year is my 14th year at Hamburg, but I have been teaching for much longer than that!  I have taught students at all levels - kindergarten through adult education, and everything in between!  Before becoming a teacher I worked for Lexmark, Int. in Lexington, KY.  While working there, I was offered the chance to try my hand at teaching at a private school in Frankfort, KY.  I decided I wanted to do more with my life than work on printer manuals; I wanted to do something where I could interact with people and maybe touch the lives of a few people along the way.  Now that I've been a teacher for as long as I have, I wouldn't trade it for any other profession.
    Why French?  I studied French from the time I was in kindergarten.  When I went to college (Niagara University - GO PURPLE EAGLES!!) I didn't really know what I wanted to major in, but I knew I liked French and if I majored in it I would have the opportunity to study in France!!  So I did, and I spent four months in Angers, France, studying at l'Université Catholique de l'Ouest.  If ever you have the chance to study abroad, DO IT!!!!  I still keep in contact with my host family - they have visited me, I have visited them, and my host mom and I have been trying to set up an exchange program between Hamburg and the school where she teaches English in Angers.
    I co-ordinate the Lille exchange at Hamburg High School and have led multiple student tours to both France and Quebec. Last year I led a student trip to the Caribbean island of Martinique! I also enjoy traveling with my family.  In addition to France and Quebec, we have visited Mexico, Argentina, Jamaica, and Australia.  I also taught English in Poland for a month.  Travel is a wonderful thing!
    I served as First Vice-President of the WNY Foreign Language Educators' Council for several years, co-chairing our annual Regional Conference which brings together area foreign language teachers for professional development. In 2010 I was the recipient of the WNYFLEC Service Award and in 2013 I received the WNYFLEC Maryalice Seagrave Outstanding Foreign Language Teacher award! :-)  I am wrapping up my second term as Editor of the NYSAFLT News (the newsletter for NYS language teachers) and will begin a term as NYSAFLT secretary-treasurer in January.