Hamburg Middle School

4th Quarter
The Outsiders Unit: 
Business Letter Unit
* We will be writing professional business letters in ELA Class for this unit!
Students will be able to choose who they would like to write to.
* Final copies will be typed in class after spring break using the chrome books. 
We will actually be sending these letters out in the US mail!
Click on the link below for important information:
Creative Writing Journals
* All students will need a composition tablet/spiral for their Creative Writing Journal Requirement
We will be writing often in these journals throughout the 3rd & 4th quarters!
* This Journal will = a test grade in the 4th Quarter (100 points) 
Thank you! 
  Essay Notes   Informative Power-point
 Perseverance  Cool examples of perseverance!! Power-point
4th Quarter Independent Reading Requirements:
1) All students must read 2 novels (of their choice) on their own, in addition to our last class novel, The Outsiders, during the 4th quarter.
Having trouble picking out a good book for Independent Reading?? Click on the links above! 
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