•  SOCIAL STUDIES - Mrs. Capozzi & Ms. Gaiser
     Tuesday: Review sheet is done in class and students compare their answers to the answer key. 
    The rest of the period: get caught up on any work that isn't finished yet - propaganda poster, Angel Island Reading, and vocab sheets.
    Study for the Immigration Unit test on Wednesday. 
    Immigration packet answers - use this to study. Also, fill in any missing pages. Packet should be all filled in.
    REVIEW SHEET - study!
    Please send an email with any questions or concerns. :)
    Mrs. Capozzi                                                               Ms.Gaiser
    Email address: ccapozzi@hamburgschools.org               Email address: lgaiser@hamburgschools.org
    Phone number: 646-3250                                            Phone number: 646-3250