Tim Green & Mrs. Moelbert
    (Mrs. Moelbert with Tim Green at Family Reading Night, April 2016.) 

    Our mission is to help every student develop a love of reading, become a skilled user of ideas and information, and explore the world through print and electronic media.
     (American Association of School Librarians)

    The STAFF includes:
    Mrs. Megan Moelbert, school librarian - She is very excited about her fourteenth year in the LMC. Her goals include increasing classroom use and projects in the library, collaboration with the instructional staff, assisting student research, planning the 2nd Annual Battle of the Books, helping organize Family Reading Night, and promoting the rewards of reading.
    Mrs. Rosiek, library aide - She works to keep the library running smoothly, processing new books, making the library a welcoming place, and helping students and staff. 
    The LIBRARY CLUB members assist students at the circulation desk, and help with projects and special events. Students can apply to be a Library Club member in September.
    The library COLLECTION includes about 10,000 books, audiobooks, movies, and subscriptions to many magazines of popular interest to students.
    TECHNOLOGY includes 30 chromebooks, online databases, Destiny OPAC, Internet access, B&W and color printers, a photocopier, scanner, and many software programs.
    The library is OPEN every day from 7:40am until 2:45pm, except for when classes are using the library. Open periods are announced each morning. The sign outside the LMC advertises the periods that the library is open. Students can use the LMC with a pass.

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