• Equipment
    Windows 10 computers                              Smartboards
    Laptops                                                       BenQ projectors
    Chromebooks                                              Document Cameras
    Internet access                                             Student e-mail accounts
    Black and White printers                             Color printers
    I-Pads                                                           Digital cameras
    Language Arts                  Social Studies                                               
    Microsoft Word 2010                                     
    Microsoft Publisher 2010                     World Book 
    Microsoft Power point 2010                                                                     
    Math                                     Science
                                                                     Microsoft Excel 2010
    Microsoft Excel 2010                                        
    Language                           Home and Careers
    Holt World Languages                           The Perfect Resume
    (Spanish)                                                The Amazing Babysitter
                                                                    Dollars & Sense Clothing
                                                                    Home Design
                                                                    Landscape 3-D
    Bridge Builder
Last Modified on September 11, 2017