The following rules will apply to everyone participating in ski club.  If a student does not follow any or all of these they may be suspended from the bus, skiing or both. 

    1.)  Bus leaves at 3:00pm and will not wait for people to get equipment. Equipment can be stored in a secure locker room during the school day and will be open at 7:20am (near boys locker rooms).

    2.) While at Holiday Valley ALL school and Holiday Valley rules apply to everyone. Breaking these rules can result in punishment from Holiday Valley, Hamburg Central or Both. If your pass is taken there is no reimbursement for your pass or transportation.  

    3.)  Students are responsible for getting their own dinner.  They may bring food or buy from the restaurants located in the lodges. No one is allowed to leave the property. 

    4.) The bus will not be accessible after departure for skiing; everything you need for the day (money, gloves etc.) must be taken with you.

    5.) The bus departs from Holiday Valley at 9:30pm, students should be back to the bus at 9:20 for attendance. Being late to the bus can result in a suspension from bus privileges

    6.)  The bus will arrive at the High School around 10:15pm. A ride from the High School must be provided.

    7.) Please lock all of your belonging’s at Holiday Valley as the school is not responsible for any lost or stolen equipment.

    8.)    Your Thursday Night pass includes a one-hour lesson.  It also includes a free day of skiing any day in March or April.  Please take advantage of these benefits.