• Working Papers  -  Facts for Teenagers under 18
    An employment certificate, often referred to as "working papers", is required for minors under 18 before they may begin work. High school graduates, minors who work for their parents, and minors who do industrial homework are included in this group. To view the NYS website click here

    How to Obtain Working Papers

         First... Get an application from the high school Counseling Center or
    print out the attached forms below
    Then...Complete the application form Part 1 which requires:
      • Your name, age, home address, and the signature of your parent or guardian  (Parent Consent)

          Note: If you DO NOT attend Hamburg High School you must bring ID 
          with proof of  age to receive Working Papers
          (birth certificate, baptismal record, permit/drivers license, etc.)

    • Physical Fitness Certification Form: (This certificate is not required for newspaper carrier permits if the applicant is qualified to participate in the school's physical education program.) The school nurse or your personal physician must complete Section A.
      Note: During summer months the Counseling Center secretaries can complete the Certification form if you have had a school physical within the last year.

    Applicant must appear in person with both forms in order to receive their actual working papers. Working papers are issued during regular business hours in the Hamburg High School Counseling Center

    For youths to obtain a full-time employment certificate, their parent or guardian must appear in person before the school authorities to give consent. High school graduates can present written consent.

                       Application                                                   Physical Form