Special Education Information

  • Communication between home to school

    Communication between home to school

    Some suggestions for a successful and cooperative school year for you and your child:

    * Contact your child's teacher at the beginning of the year and given them the best contact information for you (e-mail, cell phone, as well as time of day to best contact you).

    * No one knows more about your child than you!
    Give the teachers who work closely with your child information you feel is important for them to know (it may help them better work and understand your child)

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  • Regents Prep

    Regents Prep

    The regents prep website is a great tool to assist with review of material taught in the core academic classes at the high school. Please click the link below to access the website and begin review.

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  • Castle Learning

    Castle Learning

    Castle learning is a great website to assist your son/daughter with review in the core academic classes. Each students should have a specific user ID and password. Click the link below to access the website!

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